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re:DNA Comprehensive Genetic Testing

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Circle DNA 健營活力測試
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Faber Test (IgE) 過敏測試


Set Your Child a Head Start, Together Create the Winning Life 


Nowadays, over one-third of children aged 0-9 are troubled with allergy in varying degree. Such illness lowers their learning efficiency gravely. While we cannot separate nature from nurture, our naturally-born body is also closely related to emotional intelligence. The comprehensive genetic assessment examines the child's body nature, mind, and environmental sensitivity from the inside out, thus parents can prepare for the unprepared in strengthening body resistance of their children to nurture a healthy body and mind.


Tapping into your child's genes at an early stage will undoubtedly save parent’s hassle in making the best choices.

Test Features:


 1. The latest and first comprehensive allergy genetic and antioxidant nutritional testing in Hong Kong identifies food allergens and explains the ability against allergens in the gastrointestinal tract and skin. As a result, patients with food allergy can avoid foods that cause allergic reactions and build tolerance over time. 


 2. Assist patients in understanding nutritional composition and antioxidant capacity in foods, risks associated with imbalanced diet, and how physical activity benefits health and well-being. Suit the remedy to the case. It allows you to balance and strengthen your immune system to reduce the risk of allergies and reactions.


 3. Neurological development has a significant impact on children's learning patterns. Understand the genetic predisposition of your children's learning ability (IQ) and behavioural personality (EQ) can help you to focus and nurture their potential strengths while overcoming their weak points. The sooner the better.


 4. Particularly suitable for children


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Terms and Conditions: 
1. The above item is only applicable for members of EC Healthcare aged 18 or above. 
2. The item can only be used once per individual; it cannot be exchanged for cash and other forms of goods and services.
3. Valid identification documents must be presented for registration prior to the treatment.
4. Customers should be aware of and agree to the treatment and its contents before receiving the treatment.
5. The Company reserves the right to withdraw, change, add or alter these terms and conditions without prior notice. 
6. In case of dispute, the decision of EC Healthcare shall be final.



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