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Service Description


Our team of dietitians are professionally and clinically trained in nutrition and dietetics and are qualified as Registered Dietitian in the United States. We tailor-make the health and nutrition management healthcare services based on every client's health status, lifestyle and specific needs.


We are dedicated to providing professional, high-quality and personalised nutritional consultation services to our clients, ranging from weight management, pathological diet control, healthy meal planning, weight-losing tips, elderly diet planning, to nutrition for children or pregnant women and prevention of health problems such as high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure in the urban population.


We understand the needs of each customer and privacy issues. Therefore, each nutrition consultation will be conducted and followed up by the same registered dietitian to keep abreast of the progress of each case and to better understand the needs of our clients. We aim at building the best and custom-made healthy diet and lifestyle for our clients, leading them to a healthy life with confidence.

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Service Description

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Weight Management

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