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Health Services

Traditional Chinese Medicine

re:HEALTH Professional and Effective Chinese Medicine Service 

Comprehensive Chinese Medicine Service Network & Modern Chinese Medicine System

6 Treatment Areas of Chinese Medicine
re:HEALTH Chinese Medicine Service provides Chinese medicine consultation and treatment services to our customers, all of which are administered by our professional Chinese medicine practitioners.
We specialise in consultation, acupuncture, massage, manual therapy, cardiovascular health, and prescription of Chinese medicines, offering a holistic approach to the health needs of our customers. You can access your medical history and medication through our system network of any of our branches, and select the best quality and desirable Chinese medicine for your treatment and health care.

Diet Salad

Maintain Nutrition Goals with Dietitians
Ready to lose weight but have no idea how to start? No clue about diabetic meal plan? No solution for dealing with your little picky eater? Our dietitians can help.
re:HEALTH's registered dietitians is committed to providing professional consultation services for those seeking a healthy life and planning a healthy diet.

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