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Service Description

Internationally Recognised Herbal Formulas

Our partner is one of the leading suppliers of Chinese herb medicine in Hong Kong. As a PIC/S member that passed the most stringent international TGA in Australia and acquired with GMP-certified manufacturing facilities. Our supplier has also been a trading partner with Hong Kong public hospitals, large charities and Chinese medicine clinics in the NGO sector. Hence it is undoubtedly a trusted, professional and quality-assured Chinese herbal medicine supplier.

Strict Quality Control

Each batch of Chinese medicine products undergo safety testing. We strictly enforce quality control measures to detect heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbial content in our products, with standard exceeding the requirements set by the Hong Kong and China governments. Our medicine products are in high efficacy and stable property.

Flexible Chinese Medicine Prescription

We follow the TCM theory of "treatment based on syndrome differentiation"" in our prescription. We have a wide range of Chinese medicines, in a total of over 600 kinds of TCM formula granules. With flexible prescriptions, our medication dispensing goes along with the patients' needs.

Modernised Dispensing Process

Barcode readers and electronic scales are connected with the computers to ensure that varieties and potions are in accordance with the prescriptions. We implement electronic prescribing that lists the ingredients, dosage and directions for use of the medication.

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Service Description

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Professional Consultation

Cater your needs with the

“Four Diagnosis Methods”

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Manual Therapy

Bone-setting and treatment of orthopaedic injuries and bruises

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Acupuncture -moxibustion

Stimulation of specific acupoints on the body for regulating one's health

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Cardiovascular Health

Strengthen the heart and tonify Qi for regulating one's health

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Ancient Massage Therapy

Acupoints Massage for

tendon treatment

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Prescription Chinese Medicines

Suit the remedy to the case

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