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Talent Genetic Test

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re:DNA 全面智敏有營基因檢測
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Faber Test (IgE) 過敏測試


Discover the Genes of Natural Potential

Set off to Build a Brighter Future for Your Kid


Four million dollars spent on raising a child, and it's worth it?

About a decade ago, windsurfing gold medallist Lee Lai-shan said in a TV commercial that it would cost $4 million to raise a child in Hong Kong. Nowadays, parents are investing more and more in their children, including piano, painting, sports and other interest classes to enable them to get ahead in the world. Indeed, failure to nurture children's interests and skills in a targeted manner will only backfire, resulting in a waste of money and time. Even worst, it would be likely to hurt the relationship between children and parents. Identifying the genetic make-up will help parents gain insight into their children's attributes and potential, as well as suggesting suitable careers for them in the future. As genes are inherent, genetic testing is suitable for people of all ages and new-borns can also be tested. Let’s set off to build a brighter future for your kid.

The Talent Genetic Test covers 45 genetic categories, including personality, emotional intelligence, intelligence, artistic and athletic talents, physical fitness and other fields. 


 The Genetic test report includes analysis and detailed interpretation of each of the 45 genotypes tested, on which detailed professional advice would be given from our psychologists, such as advice on the child's future development and career. Further, a professional consultant will give a detailed half-hour briefing to parents and provide additional assistance and support for cases that require it. If necessary, referrals to independent specialists and psychologists can be arranged for ongoing follow-up of the child's growth and healthy development. The contents of the report are completely confidential.


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Terms and Conditions: 
1. The above item is only applicable for members of EC Healthcare aged 18 or above. 
2. The item can only be used once per individual; it cannot be exchanged for cash and other forms of goods and services.
3. Valid identification documents must be presented for registration prior to the treatment.
4. Customers should be aware of and agree to the treatment and its contents before receiving the treatment.
5. The Company reserves the right to withdraw, change, add or alter these terms and conditions without prior notice. 
6. In case of dispute, the decision of EC Healthcare shall be final.



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