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Tumor Marker COMBO Screening Package (Female)

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EHC 健康指標 亞健康評估
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Tumor Marker is a protein produced by normal cells or benign and malignant tumour cells in the body. With the presence of malignant tumor, concentration of protein in blood or urine would abnormally increase from which breast cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and so on could be detected. Thus, cancer tumor marker screening is expected to lead diagnosed patients in accessing prompt treatment as to improve survival rate. For details on the price of the tumour marker test, please contact re:HEALTH.

Tumor Markers


  • Breast Cancer Tumor Marker CA15-3: used to detect breast cancer

  • Ovarian Tumor Marker CA125: more than 85% of epithelial ovarian cancer cases have CA125 levels above 35 U/mL

  • Pancreatic Tumor Marker CA19-9: most pancreatic cancer patients have elevated CA19-9. The higher the CA19-9 index, the greater the chance that cancer has metastasised

  • Gastric Cancer Tumor Marker CA72.4: highly sensitive to gastric cancer and has been widely used for diagnosis of gastric cancer 

  • EBV Antibodies: many studies indicates that this test can detect early stage nasopharyngeal cancer, and more than 40% patients with stage I

  • Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP): rises in patients with liver cancer and is used to monitor the patient's response to treatment 

  • Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA): Higher CEA levels could be associated with more advanced colorectal cancer. CEA levels may also elevate in the cases of lung, breast, thyroid, pancreatic, liver, stomach, ovarian and bladder cancers etc.

Reasons of elevated tumor markers

 A tumor marker is anything present in or produced by cancer cells or other cells of the body in response to cancer or certain benign (noncancerous) conditions. Most tumor markers are proteins that can be found in your blood or urine. 

 As tumor markers can be produced by normal cells or cancer cells, sometimes tumor markers rise in non-cancerous conditions. For this reason, only a few of these tumour markers are used by doctors in predicting cancer's behaviour.


 Prices of Tumor Marker Screening 

 Tumor Markers COMBO Tests Plan (Female) Member price: $2,559 (Standard price: $7,380)


Check-up Items and Categories


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For same day reservation, please call or message us on WhatsApp.


Terms and Conditions: 
1. The above item is only applicable for members of EC Healthcare aged 18 or above. 
2. The item can only be used once per individual; it cannot be exchanged for cash and other forms of goods and services.
3. Valid identification documents must be presented for registration prior to the treatment.
4. Customers should be aware of and agree to the treatment and its contents before receiving the treatment.
5. The Company reserves the right to withdraw, change, add or alter these terms and conditions without prior notice. 
6. In case of dispute, the decision of EC Healthcare shall be final.



Why tumor markers are important?

 Cancer screening: is the detection of cancer before symptoms appear, conducive to early detection of early-stage cancer. The original purpose of the tumor markers was to help doctors detect cancer early; some of the markers can be used in screening and detection applications.


 Determining the efficacy of cancer treatment: tumor markers is important in monitoring treatment progress. If the tumor marker decreases as treatment progresses, the treatment is effective; if vice versa, the treatment may not be effective and the physician should consider changing the alternative treatment. 


 Why is it crucial to have regular medical check-ups? How often should I have a health screening?

 It is recommended that adults aged 18 or above should undergo a regular health screening every year to detect potential health disorders or hidden illnesses. High risk groups and elderly should have their physical examinations every six months as it can be difficult to diagnose diseases in the early stages. Behavioural risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and exercise are also attributed to poor health, a comprehensive health screening can be conducted to acquire a full understanding of your physical condition. Individuals who have family history with serious illnesses like cancer or heart disease, should undergo appropriate health checks according to their needs.

What is the typical cost of a medical check-up plan?

 re:HEALTH offers a variety of packages for medical check-up. Our standard health check-up package starts from $980, depending on your physical condition and needs. Please leave your name and contact number for enquiries about the check-up fees via WhatsApp. Our customer service team would advise you on the most suitable screening plan for you within a business day. 


 How long does it take to make an appointment?

 Please make your appointment at least 1 working day in advance. Call (852) 2156 5857 or leave your name and contact number via WhatsApp (852) 6324 5948. We will respond within a business day. Depending on packages, some tests will not require you to fast beforehand, for example, it is not needed for HOTMAN System non-invasive cardiovascular examination, thereby test can be scheduled in the afternoon.


 Is there anything in particular I should prepare for?

 You need to be fasted for eight hours before your blood glucose test, i.e. no food intake in the morning before your examination. Only small portion of water intake is allowed.

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