肺炎感染及早期肺癌篩查: 低放射劑量胸腔檢查

Pneumonia Infection and Early Lung Cancer Screening




Pneumonia Infection and Early Lung Cancer Screening

Low-Dose Chest Examination Computerised Pneumonia Infection and Early Lung Cancer Screening can precisely identify small, early-stage tumors and generally distinguish between benign and malignant tumors. It is recommended that high risk groups, such as people aged 50 or above, smokers, frequent second-hand smokers or people with a family history of lung cancer, should conduct the low-dose chest examination annually to reduce the mortality risk of lung cancer.

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肺炎感染及早期肺癌篩查: 低放射劑量胸腔檢查

電腦掃描能準確檢測到初期、較細小的腫瘤,能發現腫瘤和大致區分其良、惡性,準確率較高。 高危人士如50歲以上、吸煙、經常吸二手煙或有家族病史者應該每年進行一次低幅射量肺部掃描,減低肺癌引致的死亡風險。 




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香港仁和體檢 re:HEALTH提供不同價錢及種類的身體檢查計劃,視乎個人身體狀況及需要。查詢健康體檢計劃收費,請留下姓名及聯絡電話,客服專員為你介紹最適合你的檢查計劃,WhatsApp於一個工作天內回覆。


預約時間最少於1個工作天之前登記,可致電 (852) 2156 5857預約,或透過WhatsApp按鈕 (852) 6324 5948留下姓名及聯絡電話,客服專員於一個工作天內回覆。需視乎檢查套餐的內容,部份計劃不需要空腹檢驗,如加心康無創心血管檢測,則可以安排下午進行。



Why is it crucial to have regular medical check-ups? How often should I have a health screening?

It is recommended that adults aged 18 or above should undergo a regular health screening every year to detect potential health disorders or hidden illnesses. High risk groups and elderly should have their physical examinations every six months as it can be difficult to diagnose diseases in the early stages. Behavioural risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and exercise are also attributed to poor health, a comprehensive health screening can be conducted to acquire a full understanding of your physical condition. Individuals who have family history with serious illnesses like cancer or heart disease, should undergo appropriate health checks according to their needs.

What are the common health concerns and screening items for men?

Common health concerns in men include heart disease, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Physical examinations for men generally include: routine blood test, test for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, hepatitis test, electrocardiogram, chest and abdominal X-ray, faecal occult blood test, tumor markers for pancreatic, nasopharyngeal and prostate cancer, sonography, thyroid function screening, etc. These tests could help to assess top health risks for men, in particular colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, coronary heart disease, liver cirrhosis. Consider STD screening, fertility hormone and sexual health screening such as HPV DNA, syphilis spirochetes, HIV antibodies and antigens and testosterone if required, for a better preparation for marriage and childbirth.

What is the typical cost of a medical check-up plan?

re:HEALTH offers a variety of packages for medical check-up. Our standard health check-up package starts from $980, depending on your physical condition and needs. Please leave your name and contact number for enquiries about the check-up fees via WhatsApp. Our customer service team would advise you on the most suitable screening plan for you within a business day.

How long does it take to make an appointment?

Please make your appointment at least 1 working day in advance. Call (852) 2156 5857 or leave your name and contact number via WhatsApp (852) 6324 5948. We will respond within a business day. Depending on packages, some tests will not require you to fast beforehand, for example, it is not needed for HOTMAN System non-invasive cardiovascular examination, thereby test can be scheduled in the afternoon.

Is there anything in particular I should prepare for?

You need to be fasted for eight hours before your blood glucose test, i.e. no food intake in the morning before your examination. Only small portion of water intake is allowed.